Hunting Rules and Regulations

  1. Hunting and Access Permits/Licenses/Tags.
    1. Issuance: As a condition of entering on Tejon Ranch, Permittee and any guest must procure and maintain in his/her possession at all times while on Tejon Ranch as applicable his/her California hunting license issued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife ("Hunting License"), as well as a Tejon Ranchcorp Hunting Permit or High Desert Hunt Club Hunting Permit (each a "Hunting Permit") and General Access Permit ("Access Permit"), collectively "Permits", on forms supplied by Tejon Ranchcorp (the "Company"), and signed by Permittee and an authorized Company employee prior to accessing the Ranch.
      1. Permittee must have a valid Hunting License in order to hunt and/or handle a firearm while on Tejon Ranch.
      2. Use of lead ammunition is prohibited on Tejon Ranch as acknowledged in the Lead Ammunition Ban.
    2. Term: The Permits are valid only for the dates stated thereon.
    3. Permitted Area: The Permits are valid only for the Permitted Area(s) stated thereon.
    4. Identification and Inspection: Permittee hereby consents to the inspection by Company's employee, security personnel, hunting guide, game warden or peace officer of Permittee's (i) personal identification (ii) the Hunting License and Permits, (iii) person, and (iv) vehicle, for the purpose of determining compliance with the Permits, these Rules and Regulations and applicable State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.
    5. All hunters must sign in and out with the club member.
  2. State and Federal Laws, Rules and Regulations.
    1. Permittee is subject to all State and Federal hunting laws, rules and regulations, as issued from time to time. Permittee acknowledges that he/she is familiar with same, agrees to be bound by same and understands that violation will subject Permittee to the remedies noticed above.
  3. Shooting.
    1. Shooting is prohibited within 1,000 feet of any inhabited building or camping area.
    2. Tejon Ranch is located in the California condor range. The Federal Endangered Species Act ("ESA"), Migratory Bird Treaties Act ("MBTA") and related State laws protecting this endangered species, and other birds of prey, are strict and carry severe penalties. For surety of compliance, and to protect Permittee from liability under such laws, Permittee must not shoot at or in the direction of any large bird even if Permittee is certain that the bird is not a California condor.
    3. Each person in the field must be wearing at least one article of hunter orange above the waist.
    4. No ground shooting.
    5. No shot larger than #6 shot is allowed for field hunts.
    6. All guns are limited to three shots.
    7. Hunting with a trained hunting dog is required.
    8. No more than three hunters are permitted in the field at a time.
    9. All shotguns need to be unloaded while at the rest or staging area at your hunting field.
    10. No shooting or hunting except in designated hunting area.
    11. Do not intrude on another person's hunt area.
    12. While in the field you are prohibited from shooting within the safety zones/buffers established along the boundary, public roads, and Pacific Crest Trail.
  4. Conveyances.
    1. Conveyances shall travel only on existing roads (paved or bladed) and firebreaks, unless such routes are marked as off-limits. Cross-country or off-road travel shall constitute grounds for revocation of the Permits of the driver and all passengers in the conveyance.
    2. Conveyances shall be parked only upon paved or bladed roads, turnouts or areas free of grass.
    3. Use of two or three-wheeled scooters, motorcycles, trail bikes, ATVs, UTVs including those with side-by-side seating and similar off-road conveyances is forbidden on Tejon Ranch.
    4. Ingress/egress: Through designated areas only.
      1. Permittee and guests must enter and exit the Ranch only through designated areas.
    5. Traveling with loaded firearms in a conveyance while on Tejon Ranch is forbidden.
    6. Shooting from conveyances, moving or parked, is forbidden.
    7. Hunting from or riding in the bed of a pick-up truck is forbidden.
    8. Each conveyance must be equipped with a shovel, blanket, spare tire and jack, fire extinguisher and tow strap (tire chains and come-alongs are suggested for the wet season which can generally run October through May).
    9. Speed Limit while on club property is 15 MPH.
  5. Gates and Fences. No damage or alteration shall be done to any gates, barricades or fences. Gates and barricades shall be left open or closed in exactly the same condition as encountered by Permittee.
  6. Animals.
    1. No dogs or other animals shall be brought onto Tejon Ranch without a written permit issued by the Company. Any animals, including trained hunting dogs, brought onto Tejon Ranch without a written permit are subject to immediate removal or destruction by Company employees as circumstances dictate, and no claim may be made against the Company arising out of such removal or destruction.
    2. Dogs must travel to and from your hunting field in your vehicle.
    3. No dogs are allowed in the clubhouse or left to run unattended near the clubhouse or parking lot.
  7. Livestock and Wildlife. Nothing shall be done to injure, torment, tease or stampede any livestock or wildlife. Guns shall not be discharged near livestock.
  8. Endangered Species. Nothing shall be done to "take" any endangered species including a California condor, in violation of the ESA or the MBTA "Take" activities are defined in the Notice, and should be carefully reviewed.
  9. Offensive Conduct. Any conduct which, the Company deems in its sole discretion to be unreasonably offensive, injurious or dangerous to Permittee or others, or detrimental to the Company's hunting program or public image, shall result in immediate ejection from Tejon Ranch, with no refund of fees, and permanent termination of all future hunting privileges, with no refund of pre-paid fees.
  10. Controlled Substances and Alcoholic Beverages. Alcohol consumption before or during an activity or operation of an automobile, boat or firearm is strictly prohibited. Possession or use of controlled substances while on, or immediately prior to entering Tejon Ranch, is forbidden. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages other than at the designated camp area is forbidden. If Permittee attempts to hunt, handle a firearm, or operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Permittee shall be subject to immediate ejection from Tejon Ranch, with no refund of fees, and permanent termination of all future hunting privileges, with no refund of pre-paid fees.
  11. Litter & Trash (Including Micro Trash) and Debris.
    1. No litter, trash or debris shall be discarded on Tejon Ranch. All litter, trash and debris must be picked up and discarded off Tejon Ranch lands in containers and at areas designed for same. Special attention must be given to micro trash, which is anything that may be dangerous to California condors or other birds of prey and generally includes bullet casings, cigarette butts, plastic ties, plastic bags, bottle caps, glass and pull tabs. Condors and burrowing owls are particularly attracted to shiny items. Items smaller than a quarter are especially dangerous. It is everyone's responsibility to eliminate trash and micro trash from Tejon Ranch even if said items are not theirs.
    2. Pick up empty hulls while in the field and dispose of properly.
  12. Fire Control.
    1. Permittee must exercise constant vigilance and care to avoid grass, brush or forest fires.
    2. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas; in these areas, always break the match after blowing it out. Snuff out cigarettes then tear off the paper and scatter the tobacco making sure all embers are out. Smoking while traveling in conveyances is forbidden.
    3. Upon discovering or receiving word of a fire on Tejon Ranch, or adjoining property, immediately take the following actions: Call 911 or
      • FIRST: Notify the Los Angeles County Fire Department 661-248-5284.
      • SECOND: High Desert Hunt Club Main Office 661-724-1218.
      • THIRD: Notify the Company's Operation Headquarters at 661-809-1310 or 661-858-2061.
      • FOURTH: Notify the Company's Security at 661-617-9482.
Give the following information: Origin of fire, if known; names of persons who have been notified; any other details.

  1. Incorporation of Access Permit. All of the terms and conditions of the Access Permit are hereby incorporated in the Company's Rules and Regulations, whether or not such terms and conditions are expressly restated above.